"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Sunday Morning Thoughts

Praise and Worship was thoughts running through my head when I woke up.
This chorus has been running through my head all morning:

Oh, sometimes I just want to praise You
Sometimes just to speak Your name
Sometimes I just want to thank You
Without asking you for a thing
Oh sometimes I lift my hands to You
Then sometimes all I do is cry
Everything that I have I owe to You, Lord
And Calvary's the reason why

I couldn't find any versions online that I liked well enough to post.

I feel much better now that I vented about the whole follower thing Friday. 
It is just like that song, "People Are Crazy", Seriously.  Today I am Thankful because I have had a stalker in the my life and well, they're not so fun. 

I know you are probably wondering what is up with the Christmas music already.  I LOVE FALL!!  So what does that have to do with Christmas music?  I don't really consider fall being over or taking down my fall stuff until the day after Thanksgiving but this year I am SO ready for Christmas.  It always seems we fly through it in such a rush because our family being spread out so far.  I never really get the chance to enjoy all the festive  parts of it.  So this year I am starting earlier.  While I am not ready to dress the blog up for Christmas, I am easing into it with the Christmas music. 
So what is your Thanksgiving/Christmas Traditions??

I'm thinking maybe the upcoming weeks until Thanksgiving until Christmas maybe posting some of my favorite dishes for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season? 

This weekend has been busy.  It's one of the warmest days we've had lately with a high of 72.
DH finished cleaning out my flower beds and have them looking so good and blah.  That is one of the bad things about winter.  Everything so "Blah".
I fixed a pot of beans, fried taters, kraut & wieners, a pone of cornbread and a fresh apple crisp for supper.
We had Nannie over.  This is one of her favorite meals.  She says it reminds her of when she was at home years ago.  We had a good visit.

What did everyone else do this weekend?? 

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Becky said...

Oh my...it is too early for me personally to think about Christmas!

For one, you are right...it is like 70 degrees here and does not have a nip in the air at all. Nothing like cooler air moving in to get me in the mood.

And 2nd, I always host Thnaksgiving, and so I have to get thru that before I can start thinking about Christmas.

But believe you me! When It is time...I will be ready to celebrate with you! I have my favorite carols already on my playlist:)