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Christmas Shopping

I had an awesome day out with my second Mom Donna. We into the city to do some shopping.
We hit the big sale they were having at Kohl's .  I spent enough "Christmas" wise to get $10 Kohl bucks for my next visit. I also bought me these awesome "hooker boots" as I like to call them for my birthday.

Then we went to Bath & Body Works another one of my favorite stores.  There I even got FREE merchandise, which I picked to be their new flavor of Twilight Wood lotion and $10 off my next purchase.

Now I am in FULL Christmas mode.  I am so ready to get a tree up.  DH says it's too early.  He's also still telling me no about a real tree as well.  He says I have a hard enough time remembering to water my flowers outside, and the dog.  Fuddy Dud.  Well it's coming soon.  This sista is BRINGING IT ON!!!

If I can't have that, I am going to be ready blog wise. 

Also I put my "followers" back up.  I'm so over the whole "I'm not following you anymore" thing.  Follow me, don't follow me.  But seriously, it's an uneven number, can at least one person add theirself?  You know I hate odd numbers, lol.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

are you to start walking the streets to make money for your next shopping trip

Pedaling said...

i like both of those gift ideas.

Becky said...

There...I am following...Cause I TOTALLY get the even thing sister!

Love the new pic of you and hubby!

♥georgie♥ said...

Love those boots...yanno i rarely shop at khols and I have no idea why!

I am with you on the christmas mode...i am ready to bring out the tree!

ooooo i will have to try that scent...

and i have been a follower...I ♥you and your blog I have the follow feature on my blog but am thinking of taking it off...

tammy said...

Oops, I just made it uneven again.

I had no idea they had that scent of lotion. Is it good?

I earned some Kohl's cash this weekend doing some Christmas shopping too. Love that.

Everyone needs some hooker boots.

Taylor said...

Great buys!

You have an award waiting for you at my blog.