"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Thankful & Blessed

Sitting here with my carmel apple coffee looking out over our first frosty morning of the year, I started thinking about how thankful and blessed I am. I know most people like to do "Thankful Thursday" but this Sunday morning I am feeling truly Thankful & Blessed for the people and things in my life.

This morning I woke in a warm bed I was wrapped up by a loving husband, and when my feet hit the floor the room was warm, my coffee was brewing.
My next decision was only what to fix for breakfast.
Somewhere in my hometown there is someone who will wake up in the cold alone with nothing to eat, sadly most days I would take this morning for granted.

I looked out my backdoor to see a glow from my Nanna's to see God had given her to me yet another day.
This morning, someone has already lost a loved one, and I still have mine.

I have a home. Not a house, a home. There is such a difference that people don't even realize. A house is a structure.  Mine may not be grand in splendor, but I have a home that is filled with love, warmth and comfort.
Someone today is living in a big house on a hill with material things but no love to fill it. 

I have a loving family who is supportive no what my decisions. 
Today someone's family will call them names, and leave them on their own to fight their battle.

Tomorrow morning I will wake up early, go to a job that even though I hate some days and love others I have.  I will put in my 40hrs this week and come home with a paycheck.
While someone else is home without a job, struggling to survive.

I have friends who are there no matter what is going on.  Friends I can call night or day.  Friends I can confide in.  Who I can laugh with, cry with.
Someone out there has no one.  They are alone, crying, and fighting a battle they don't know if they will survive.

I have Freedom.  I live in a country where I can still worship freely.  Speak freely.  Live freely. 
I have been blessed with soldiers past like my Papaws who fought for my freedom.  I am blessed because somewhere today in another country and land there is still a soldier there fighting to protect my freedom.
He is giving his life, and family for my freedom.
While somewhere, someone is living in bondage.  

I'm being blessed by this valley I have been in for sometime now,because I know He is working on this pile of clay. Molding me and making me what I need to be.

This morning I will walk into God's house and feel His arms wrap around me with His love. I will lift my arms to him in worship. I will sing praises from my lips. I will leave feeling renewed and safe in His love.
While somewhere, someone has not met Him yet, and are dying inside.

Thank You Jesus for Your love and mercy upon me.  Thank You for the blessings I take for granted daily but You continue to pour out upon me.  Thank You for letting me know I can come to You day or night, no matter how big or little my problem or worry is.   
Thank You for one day allowing me to be baptized in Your Holy Name Jesus, and covering all my sins in Your Blood and making me Your Own.

My Love,


Becky said...

Beautifully written Maria.

Thank you.

Taylor said...

You are so sweet and kind, thanks for the reminder to always count your blessings.

tammy said...

What a great post and a great reminder that we are truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

Thank for this great post, i like what you