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Tennessee Trips

As you already know, DH and I have been spending the last two 4 days weekends in TN. I think it has become our second home. Seriously, I think I could be a waitress down there at Old Mill and live happily ever after.

We were able to do some cool stuff, and RELAX which was much needed.
Here are some pictures from our trip.
(Trip 1 was with my BFF and her Hubby) (Trip 2 was a work trip)

Trip #1
Brandi & Me

Jason & Graycen

Favorite Place To EaT, YUM! Old Mill
Ok, so DH didn't make this trip I guess, because I came back with no pictures of him. I know Brandi had taken a few, but I haven't got them yet. We didn't have too many photo ops being it rained non-stop while we were there pretty much.

Trip #2
DH did make this trip, but he closed his eyes in ALL the pics, so I only posted one of him. Yes, he is the guy with his eyes closed : )
Here is the only one of him with his eyes not closed. We are on our way up.

Great pic eh? Yeah, it was early Sunday morning and we got the wild hair to go to Clingmans Dome. It might have been 60 degrees at the Pigeon Forge, but I'm guessing it was barely above 36 there. No jackets, nothing. We scrounged around to find some wind breakers. We are dressed in layers of them here, lol.

Our friend from work Chris

Clingmans Dome


tammy said...

How fun. My sister used to live in KY, and I'd fly into Nashville to go visit her and I always thought how pretty TN and KY were. I love the rolling green hills and all the farms. I've told Luvpilot often that I would be fine to live there.

Taylor said...

Glad you got to relax, it looked like fun!