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The Great Hunter

The other day while looking for another picture I ran across this one and a couple others. As I shared in a previous post, DH wants to hunt everything this year. Muzzle loader season comes in Saturday and is only a couple of days, so he has opted out of court days and Preston this year so he can hunt. Below is a picture from his last hunting expedition. As you can see, he might not be a great hunter, but has managed to get a nice picture of himself having lunch. He might not have deer roast, but he can have a roast beef sandwich, lol.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I grew up with all this hunting stuff. Bow, muzzle loader etc. my dad still sometfimes hunts our property which is full of deer and turkey. My husband never really got into it.

Becky said...

At least he is having fun:)

And there is nothing wrong with roast beef sandwhichs~YUM!