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Sunday morning

and I am up alone. It's so nice and quiet. Actually kind of peaceful at this moment other than DH over there snoring in the bed, but that's ok, that's peaceful sound too. I would say it has been crazy around here, but that wouldn't be true until yesterday. I don't know what is up with me or my body, but it seems I can't get enough sleep. The last week and a half I have slept the hour home from work, and had a bite of something and then off to bed for me.
The weekend has flew by. Friday after work I hit Wally World for about 45 minutes while I waited on DH to finish up at the office. Yesterday morning when I finally got up around 10ish (unusual in it's self since I am an early bird on weekends, I am usually done all my grocery shopping etc on Saturday morning by 7am) then DH and I washed, cleaned inside, and waxed both vehicles. Whew......
Then I went and got my hair done. I came out thinking, "wow this looks nice, maybe DH and I can go out" Uh huh...he was a sleep on the couch. Oh well.
That has been my exciting weekend. I am getting ready to fix breakfast when I get done with my cup of coffee then off to church. DH wants to go to Bass Pro after church, Yeah!
Oh yeah, I actually got my other blog going for our family that lives all across the U.S., unfortunately this week I am find it difficult to blog on either site, lol.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I hope you catch up on your ZZZZZ's
here in CT. we have Cabella's which is like Bass Pro. Men and their sporting stores.

tammy said...

This weekend did go by fast! I think you got more done than I did though.

Becky said...

Getting my hair done always makes me feel good and productive(lol) for some reason:)

Slow weekends are sometimes the best!