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Work Story

What a week!! I survived it. It has been drama, drama, drama at work. I don't think my blog page is long enough to tell the whole story. Even as funny as it is, it might be one of those, "you had to be there" type ones. I dunno. Here goes.

Of course with the economy we are extremely short handed. Times are tough all around, and we are holding our ground. Instead of my normal "Executive Assistant" position, I have became the following: Sales & Marketing (Co-Op) Gal, Print Shop Gal, Switchboard Gal, and pretty much else that falls in between. Which is ok, it makes my day go faster, and I was actually pretty excited about the Sales and Marketing bit. While answering the phones in the morning I also help out "Billing Assurance" by stuffing their invoices for mailing out. We have a numerous amount that goes to our branches through in house mail. Let's just say that the invoice stuffing became a front desk job years ago when the "Billing Assurance" chick didn't think that chick had enough to deal with. Back to now. I am basically chained to up front other than to go post mail. So I had asked this lady to leave the branch stuff in the back and not carry it up front. Now I feel common sense would have told one to go ahead and put it in the appropriate box, instead of carrying it to the front of the building for someone else to bring back to the mail room and do.
Don't you agree?

Wednesday I was working on contracts. They are very tedious and are very important because this is how we are getting paid making sure people have correct pricing. I have 10 different ones to do. They are 10 pages long with 42 on each page. So here I am trying to answer a hundred plus phone calls an hour and key this crazy stuff.
Ms. Billing Assurance comes up and says, " You really need to go back and put the branch transfers in their mailboxes, the managers are calling wanting them." (this is where I start losing it) so I never turned around, I kept keying (I knew I would go off if I did) and said, "then I guess you better go put them in there then"
I mean HELLO!!! Can you not see I am waist deep in it??

Let's just say things went down hill from there. One of my bosses (and her's) comes up and ask why so stressed? I told her about the contracts, and Ms Billing Assurance. So Ms. Brenda goes back and does the transfers that I had not go to in a month. Yes it had been a month. Yes, I probably should have made time to do it, but my days are passing quicker now than I can do most things. So, boss calls MBA, I can hear Boss Lady raising her voice as it goes on. I'm thinking, well I can't really repeat it, lol. Next thing I know we are having what I like to call, "Come to Jesus Meeting" Our whole dept is in the board room. Here is how the meeting goes:

Boss: Ladies: I know this is an extremely busy time for all of us, but we are a team and we need to work together. This means we are going to have to dig in and help one another out. We all have heavier work loads, and it's not going to back down anytime soon. (Please know this lady is a fence sitter, she is a very diplomatic employer. She shows no favoritism, but she doesn't take stupid well either)
she's still talking at this point but,

MBA: (screaming) I have never had anyone complain about my work ever before!! Until SHE (pointing at me) called you about this, and I would have been happy to do it, if she had asked!!!!

Boss: Now MBA, you told me on the phone it "wasn't your job, and you weren't doing it" that is exactly what you told me. Unless I was to make you. Now I'm telling you, you are going to do them, It's stupid for you to be back there sorting them, and then bring them up front to someone who is chained to a desk to do.

Ok, so you're getting the jest of this?? This whole episode escalates. She has gone from having her claws out and me and Boss lady to crying. Then it was:

MBA: No one appreciates me. No one knows what I do. I can't keep up. On and on, and on.

One of the other girls later said that if she would quit doing her sudoku puzzles and spending 3hrs a day plus on her celly she might have more time.

I am thinking by the time we leave this 15min meeting that turned into and hour and 15min meeting she is over it, we can be grown ups, and go back to work.
Let's just say I was wrong, and then some.

If looks could kill I would be dead.

Yesterday I was in the print shop repotting some plants from the front reception area. She came back there. I said going morning MBA, she stops and says, (I am not kidding here) "Don't talk to me, and leave me alone from now on!!!!!" of course by this time I couldn't resist because we are talking about a 55 year old woman acting this childish, "10-4 Good Buddy" and went on with what I was doing.

It has been like this since Wednesday afternoon. I am tired, and wore out. I don't understand how people act like this.
Ok, I had to get that off my chest.
We ended the day nicely as well. I met her in the hallway as she was leaving and I was going back to do some more stuff in the print shop before leaving, (not thinking) I said, "Have a good weekend MBA". She was curtious enough to call me a smug b@tch under her breath, lol.

Good Times People!! Welcome to my Adult Daycare and Learning Center!!!

Today I am off with the girls to Huntington for a shopping trip. Hope you all have a great weekend. Maybe I can get caught up with everyone tonight.


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