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Good Luck Billy G.

Billy G., it is official, KY let him go yesterday. As excited as I am he is gone, it is saddening as well. I mean, look at him, he's a handsome cat. I don't like to see anyone out of a job. Of course with making over 1.5 million a year, I'm sure he can live a few days. He wasn't hard on the eyes, but he didn't understand how KY Basketball works.
KY Basketball is a whole different creature. I think the first question they should ask a candidate is, "Do you know how, and are you willing to embrace the fans?"
KY Basketball is not just another sport, another game, it is almost a religion here, as it was said in the news conference, it isn't just "another coaching job"". By the end of the first year of him here, we all had the same look he has here...."WTH"

Now onto bigger fish. Who will be the next reigning Ambassador of the UK Wildcats. So far the rumor mill is wild. So far the papers are saying the following are possible candidates: Billy Donovan, Travis Ford, Jamie Dixon, Rick Barnes, John Pelfrey, Darrin Horn, Bruce Pearl, Jay Wright, Tom Izzo, Mike Anderson, Sean Miller,Jeff Capel, or John Calipari. All of which are fairly decent coaches. Everyone is saying Billy Donovan is out, but I wouldn't rule him out just yet. I personally wouldn't mind to see him here, but I'm routing for our home state boy, Travis Ford. He played for KY, is from KY and has the Kentucky Ball heart. He was lead by one of the best coaches Rick Pitino. Too bad U of L has him, I think he would be a great pick too! My third pick would probably be John Calipari.

Good Luck Travis!! Let's see if Kentucky can get theirself together and find a coach who knows what Kentucky Ball means to the people of Kentucky!!

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

guess he can now sit in the unemployment line and wait for a bailout.