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Buh Bye Fishies!!

You might remember a while back, on January 31st I posted about these atrocious fish hanging in my office area. I couldn't move them because they belonged to the C.E.O. and he's like a 100 and set in his ways. As I said before I have another new boss, Ms. Brenda (see picture below) she has made "the fish" disappear. Recently we are going through some upgrade period. So they just happen to go buh bye! ***waving***

I wanted to scream, and yell HOORAYYYY!!! One of the ladies from the gallery came down, I said Leseia, do you notice anything? She sounded and looked like she had just won the grand prize on The Price's Right. I kid you not. She was jumping up and down, squealing. It was a sight in it's self. The walls are bare for now. I'm fine with that. I was sick of feeling sea sick...haha.

p.s. I really think he's afraid of my boss, what do you think??

p.s.s. She would REALLY kill me if she knew I posted that pic. She sent it to my via text one day when I was off and said that is how it was going without me. haha


Robyn said...

No more fish deco for the holidays, think you can live without that..........LOL

Suzie said...

Wow that is some photo. Scary

Debbie said...

What a great story. And that picture is too funny!