"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


No title today. It's almost 10:30pm. I am wore to the core. I started at 6:30am when hubby pulled out for work this morning. I started looking for my daily "mood music" and thought why not some Christmas tunes for cookies, candy, and gift wrapping?? So I got me some new tunes to share. I hope you enjoy them!!

We made snickerdoodle cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate fudge, coconut balls, peanut butter balls, and I just finished a batch of peppermint bark for the church party tomorrow.

We went out tonight with my best gal friend and her hubby for our annual "Christmas Dinner". We had a good time. I forgot to take any pictures tonight. What can I say, we have been crazy crazy today. Ok, so I attached a picture of my favorite couple and us from our vacation last year. Of course they look great!! They both have lost a total of 214lbs. I am so proud of them!! It is helping me get motivated.


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